Wednesday, October 16, 2013


Almost.  Hello Moon is now history.  I waited for the person who was posting to get those blocks up and she didn't so I went ahead and did my own thing.....right to December.

I figured why wait to construct it, and between September and October I worked on it periodically and got'er done!

This is August with starry, starry nights.
September has a wee owl hooting up in a tree
October of course has pumpkins for both Thanksgiving and Hallowe'en.
I moved the bat to fly through the moon and actually did the stitching of it with my machine.  I shortened up the stitch and it looks pretty good.
November in my part of the world may see snowfall.  Just a hint of what is coming over the next few months.  I changed the eyes on the moon to "wink at us"....... a little joke on us if you will
December is Christmas -- and birthdays in our house -- so I designed a simple tree with a little star on top.  I made the base red to reflect the colours of the season.

I opted to do a different sashing.  I used up two fabrics that had been in the box for awhile.  I cut them 2 1/2" square and on what is now an inner border trimmed them to 2" before adding the final border.

I had some fun with this at the end.  I found the sashing starting to over power the quilt and drag your eye away from the moon blocks.  I  thought I took photos of what I was doing -- but they aren't in the camera, they aren't on the computer, so I guess I was dreaming.

Anyway, what I thought would work didn't.  I was going to do a narrow inner border of dark blue and then the light blue for the final border after the sashing.  Hmmmmmmmmmm, it didn't look good at all. I walked away and then went I back to it, this was my final decision.
I sewed a 3 1/2" final border right up against the sashing and then I'm going to bind with the light blue.  The blocks now pop enough that I'm happy with it.

My favourite block is November's!  I don't know why.  Maybe because it's just a little bit sassy.

August isn't bad either.....the moon smiling down on the stars.

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Humboldt Broncos
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