Thursday, October 24, 2013


Yes, I spelled it wrong.  Thought it would grab your attention and it brought to mind a wee story.  W.a.y back in elementary school -- we're talking the 50's here -- we had spelling tests.  Every Friday as I recall.

There was a detergent on the market at the time and it was called "Duz".  They claimed "Duz does everything".  One of the words in my spelling test was "does".  I bet the teacher even gave a sentence, but I had Duz stuck in my mind and that's what I put down on the paper.  I didn't get 100% that week!  Most unusual because I was a terrific speller........lousy at math, but I could spell.
Back to "dun".....I'm done!

I have all my pillowcases made and put away so no one will see them.  Here they are in families ~~  meaning Andersen and Jay families.

Let's do it alphabetically so no feelings are hurt. Andersen family first. This is for Brandon who's bedroom is white, black and red.

and now we have a problem.  I made two up out of this fabric and I have to make a decision.  Which one for Kyle.  Green is his favourite colour and I do like the band on the one to the left.  It probably doesn't matter and whichever one is left will go in the box for Ronald McDonald house.

These are for Peter and Heather.  They will match their quilt and I do believe they have one other pair but unfortunately I don't remember what they look like.
I don't think they will care very much.

 Now onto the Jay family.

Let's do this one by age:
Morgan is getting this one.  She picked the fabric and it's flannelette so it will be cosy.

This is Taylor's.  She originally picked a bright yellow fabric for the cuff/band, but it really took over from the other fabric.  I opted it out for the softer shade and think it goes well together.  I added the strips down the side (which should be the top of the case) to add some interest.

Cody is getting black and white.  I allowed Kristina and Taylor to select his fabric.  I picked out one for the band.  Fish bones in the black and white and when I spotted the cats on the shelf at the local quilt shop, I knew it had to be part of this case.

These are for Kristina and Paul.  Two pairs for them, the same as for Peter and Heather.  The pair on the left are made from the same fabric as two blocks in their quilt and the pair on the right match the backing.  I found the perfect cuff fabric for the two pairs.  You would think all the fabrics came from the same line but they don't.  That blue is from something entirely different.

That's it.  My Christmas sewing for my family is all done and it's two months until Christmas Eve.
I feel good.

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Humboldt Broncos
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