Thursday, September 19, 2013

We had a wonderful trip

up to Perth County a couple of weeks ago.  We just wanted to get away from the house for a few hours.  When I noticed Karl was in the town of Elmira I started to look for a little quilt shop I knew was on the Main Street.
It is called Busy Bee Quilts and there were a few fabrics in the shop that caught my eye.  The blues are for another pillowcase and the tone on tones are for my stash.  I've run out of them!  and that will never do.

We stopped just outside of Elmira at The Crossroads restaurant where we have had lunch before.  You can buffet or menu.  We chose menu and Karl ordered a Reuben and I had the turkey salad wrap........I had the same thing for lunch the next day too.  It was huge and oh so delicious.  I'll let you in on the wrap.  It had real turkey, thinly sliced apple and then dried cranberries that came alive in the Miracle Whip (well, that's is what I would use.)  Could have been more but that's what the menu said.

There is a lovely little gift shop right next door to the restaurant and I glanced in.  Honestly I had no intentions of buying, but they were putting their Christmas decorations out and I spied this!
I bought for each of the girls. The Big girls. That Christmas task is now done.

Karl asked if we should go up to Listowel and I said okay.   I thought he
meant he was taking me to the Spinrite yarn outlet but that wasn't quite the case until I steered him in that direction.  I bought a new knitting book and three balls of yarn.  I can't start anything yet as I'm still working on a baby blanket.  Perhaps next week I will get to it.  No plans for who is getting which hat in the book.  I bought for a girl and a boy and whomever.  Nice about creams, anyone can wear it.

We took a gander at our little map and I thought seeing as we were so close and it was on the way home, maybe we could venture along another road to the village of Newton where this little shop is located

It is beautiful inside and the fabrics are "delicious".  I think I've found my new favourite quilt shop.

UntitledCharleen and I bought a Laundry Basket Quilt pattern with tone on tone backgrounds and fall leaves and an upside down umbrella.

Look what I found!
Luscious, luscious leaves!!!                          

Untitledand beautiful,

absolutely beautiful batiks for the background.  Not all of these are batiks, just the 5 in the front.  The others are just tone on tone for future and at the moment unplanned projects.

I think I can see another trip to this store in the future.  I think maybe Charleen may just be willing to come along with me.

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