Monday, September 16, 2013

The Collection

It was just about at this point in the quilt that I lost the computer.  I'm having a bit of fun figuring out what is due and what isn't.  I'll have to go in to the pages and check to see which ones I've posted and which ones I haven't.  I must say I'm not amused with computers crashing and me loosing my work.  I don't know where files are and it's been a runaround I can tell you.  I am figuring out this new computer but work has been lost.  We'll get this finished by next month.
I can't go into EQ as it isn't compatible with a Mac computer.  The old girl sits downstairs and some day I hope to connect it just so I can use EQ to fiddle and fool.  I don't have a printer for this computer either.  Ah well, such is life.

Not many blocks left to do.

This is Square in a Square.  You only need two fabrics for this block and it goes together very quickly.

Follow the directions and you won't have any troubles at all.

The link is here:

If you belong to this family, you camp.  Plan and simple.......that is our way of life.  Peter first went camping when he was 7 months old and he has pretty much never stopped.  Kristina was a bit younger.  She was maybe 5 months.  They have travelled from Ontario to British Columbia and back again.  Their favourite place is Algonquin Park and each of them make the trek up every summer.

This block is called Coxey's Camp......I doubt they mean camping.....I should look it up.....but it seemed fitting for a quilt for our family.
Here is the link for the block:

Ah-ha, I found something for you.....
an interesting read about this block.  The website is:

The block was named after Jacob Coxey who lead a peaceful march from Ohio to Washington in 1894.  It was the first march on Washington and was over before it got started.  Coxey was arrested for trespassing as soon as he stepped on Capitol grounds, for walking on the grass.  Coxey would later beome mayor of Massillon, Ohio and nominated for President in 1932.  He promoted reform for the unemployed, improvements of roads and public works.  
The quilt block was designed by a quilter that may have had some connection to Coxey’s Army that marched on Washington, possibly allowing the “army” of about 500 men, to camp on her land while they were traveling (at least that is what the article speculates).

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