Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Another UFO is

done!!  I found it, I finished it.

This was a birthday gift from my friend Betty 2 years ago.  I had planned on many occasions to bring it out, make it up and do the embroidery while we vacationed.  I finally did it this time!

This is the original and you can find the patterns on This and That patterns website.

I'm glad I waited to start the kit.  Yes, it was a kit.....everything was there.  More than enough fabric to do the whole thing and then some.

I opted to do the table topper a slightly different way than the directions called for.  I put the whole top together first
then I traced the centre flowers onto the fabric.  I decided to crayon my flowers and I'm glad I did.

I sandwiched the top to the batting and the muslin, then it took me 3 nights to get the embroidery work done.

I decided one Thursday that this was the priority work for the day and I trimmed it, put on a back (which was suppose to be the binding), I stitched in the ditch and snapped some photos for you.

UntitledBefore I turned it right side out I signed the muslin on the back which of course is now hidden.

T and TBefore I turned it right side out, I clipped the corners.  I don't do a "straight" clip, I kind of round it this.
 I find it works out better this way.

UntitledI did a very simple stitch in the ditch.  I didn't want to free motion quilt the centre.  I wanted those flowers to just pop right off that beautiful white background.
A tip for you..........when you are going to stitch in the ditch, set your machine so it moves slower.  Cut the speed!  If you find your eyes wandering (which mine do), stop! focus on something else, give your head a shake.....whatever it takes and then go back to it.  You'll have perfect S & D every time.

Here it is and in honour of Betty who does not like doing bindings..........there isn't any.  I laid the top onto the backing, leaving an opening for turning.  It will only take 2 seconds to sew up the
back which is evening work.

This and that

I'm sorry.  I forgot to tell you about last week's pillowcase.  It was really easily done.  The side I did the "addition" to, I cut three inches down from the fold.  I cut the strips.....2 of them 2" and one of them 1 1/2".  The strips from the body fabric I cut 1 1/2".  Sew them in strips and then add the body piece back on.  Then I trimmed it to the 41".       I topstitched the edges of the strips so they won't fray too much.  I used the same colour thread on both fabrics.  

Sometimes a small thing you do, can mean everything in another person’s life

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"Sometimes a small thing you do can mean everything in another person's life. When you learn, teach. When you get, give."

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