Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Tips for Tuesday

I’ll start with quilting, then knitting and then back to quilting. 
When we shipped the quilts out to High River, I noticed on the back of one of the burrito wraps that Margery made she had affixed a little “label”.  I asked if it was okay to share with you and she kindly said “sure”.  I made this one up so it is slightly different than Margery’s but you’ll get the idea.
I took a piece of cardstock from my card making supplies and trimmed it with my fancy scissors.  I then ran off a little “something” and stuck it to it.  Instead of making a label for this quilt I’m just going to pin this to the back. 
1 025You could use a pin on both sides if you wanted to, but I didn’t think it would be needed. 
I hate counting stitches……….I really do.  I count and get one number and recount to make sure and get another.  I give it to Karl and he agrees to one of them, but I count again anyway.  I find it more difficult on a circular needle.  One of the girls at stitch and chat shared this.  Buy yourself some cheap dollar store ponytail elastics.  Decide if you will slip them on the needles every 10, 20, 30 stitches…………….I used 50 this time………and then you just have to count the elastics up!
1 011 I had to work up to 170 so I just had to count by the 3 elastics and add the extra stitches I had on each end. 

Back to quilting
Karl walked out the back door one day with a “basket” and I asked him where he got it.  Duh! Bev…..the grocery store.  He asked if I wanted it and I said I would as it was the perfect height and width for my shelf on my new unit.
2 005
I decided a little while ago that every time I cut a fabric from now on, I’m going to take a 2 1/2” cut from it and keep it separate.  When I get enough I’m going to make jelly roll quilts.  They are fast to do and this way I won’t have to buy the “jelly rolls”2 006 from the store.
I always have a little extra from each piece I buy so instead of folding it up and putting it away for whenever, this way it might actually get used and not stored. I’m going to sub-divide this so it’s one side for kiddies and one for adults.  
Okay, I’m ready for the upcoming quilt1 012 show season.
Karl put my decal on the back of my our car.

I made a decision on Sunday that may leave some of you wondering…….”where has she gone?”  I have temporarily deactivated my Facebook account.  Some days you open up and it just left a lot to be desired.  I am tired of reading about people’s dogs, their "I", "I", "I" posts, their whines about their health when they don’t do anything to try to improve it, their cursing and their swearing.  It was wearing thin.  I was a bit dismayed with Facebook when I went to wish an American friend a Happy Birthday last week and up popped a message “would I like to include a gift.”  So many things have irritated me on there lately.  So I’ve left for awhile.  Better to leave than to say something you may regret. 
I joined Twitter and found all my favourite fabric companies and my one American online company.  I found one friend – or at least she found me – and that is all I’m having for awhile.

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