Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The desktop computer acted up again

so we decided after 7 years it was time to invest in a new one.  I had thought about it for awhile and mentioned to Karl the next one is from Apple. 
Well, she is here and I’m learning it slowly.  Still working away on the laptop as I’m a bit more confident with it and know all its quirks.  I will post a column from it after we return from holidays. (At the moment everything~~your know, stuff~~ is on the laptop) A little bit here and there and before you know it, you have it figured out.
Anyway, before all that I had ordered a charm pack and a jelly roll from my favourite online store.  I searched countless shops in Ontario and then went coast to coast and could not find this 6 014line anywhere.  Well, I could find the line, but not the charms or jelly rolls.  If stores were carrying it I’m sorry to say I couldn’t see it on your website.  The charm is for the mystery quilt starting up in October and the jelly roll is for Kristina for her birthday.  6 016She loved one of the fabrics from this line and I’m going to buy it for the backing.  I had a quilt designed but this is the cheaper way to go.  The fabric line is called Winter Lane and was designed by Kate and birdie…..a stationery company located here in Canada.  The company I dealt with is Fat Quarter Shop in Austin Texas.  Look at the envelope the order form is in.  Isn’t that just the right touch?  I love it.
I took on another challenge but that’s for another day.  I've also caught up with Hello Moon.  I've been busy.

This was the June block and the one below is for July.  August's block hasn't been posted yet, so I"ll be falling behind again.
I have the embroidery to do, but that's evening work.  Maybe I should consider taking this away with me.  We are off next week for a mini vacation to Lake Huron.  This will probably be it for this year.

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Humboldt Broncos
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