Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Sometimes you just know

that a fabric is going to bleed.  I had one recently that had a terrible odour to it……………either the dye or the sizing.  I thought I better give it a wash as I had intended to give it away.
You remember this quilt, don’t you?
3 005
  The top has a creamy coloured fabric in it and no way did I want that to turn red.
This is the backing and this was the culprit.  It is actually red although the photo shows it as a purple.  Photography!3 008 and I took the photo outside so I would get better colour.
I had some Shout colour catchers on hand and I had just recently purchased these at my local Fortino’s
3 001
  This is the packaging and there is one of the sheets outside so you can see that it really was white.
You toss these into your washing machine along with the load of wash.  This is how it came out.
3 002
I did throw two sheets in the wash.  One was a Shout sheet (on the left) and the other from Dr. Beckmann.  I knew the 3 004Shout would work but never having used this "new" brand before I wasn’t taking any chances.  To me the new brand seemed to grab more of the dye so I’ll be stocking up on these the next time I go shopping. 
Please don’t ask, I can’t tell you how much I paid for them.   I saw them and put them in the cart.  Whooooops, yes I can.  The chief saves all the bills until Visa comes to the door, so I checked……$4.99 for the box.  That’s cheap considering the price of replacing the quilt.
I won’t be sending this quilt out to anyone now.  I don’t think its fair.  The colour may bleed some more and as much as a red and cream quilt is pretty ~~ red in the wrong place is not.
Okay while I have your undivided attention …….. I read a book recently that I can highly recommend.  It is called “The Witness” and Nora Roberts wrote it.  It was fantastic.  I TheWitness170couldn’t put it down.  Truth be told, I read it one evening, went to bed, got up two hours later, and read for another 2 hours.  Then I sat all the next day on the patio reading until it was done.  Believe me I never do that.  Try to find it at your local library.  Kelly and I both say……….beg, borrow or steal, but read this book!

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Humboldt Broncos
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