Thursday, August 29, 2013

She came, she sewed

and she baked.
Morgan was over before school started to be my sewing partner for a few days.  She had seen an owl pillow she really wanted to make, but the store we were in didn’t have the pattern……………why do stores keep samples out when they no longer carry the product?…… I said I would draw one for her.  As luck would have it, I didn’t have to.  A new magazine purchased before our trip to PEI had an owl pillow in it.  All I had to do was enlarge the pattern by 200%.
I finally figured out how to do it and we were off.  Morgan had chosen the background fabric, so it was a case of finding what she wanted to make the owl.  This is it!!!
4 008
The magazine is on the left and all the fabrics she picked are on the right.  She set out tracing everything onto fusible web and spent a good hour on the patio cutting everything out.
4 011
After that was all done we auditioned everything again making sure we didn’t want changes.  It’s too late once it is fused.
4 012
I suggested she take some photos to help with the placement as everything had to come off to start the blanket stitch.  She was more than willing to use the camera.
She asked me to do the blanket stitch so I helped her out.
We took a break from sewing after supper and made some zucchini breads.  Grandpa grated the carrots and the zucchini and Morgan did the measuring and mixing.  We baked them in the evening after the temps had dropped.  She did pick some pretty hot days for her visit.  35* one day……oh, ya, that’s Celsius.
4 018
I can’t tell you what they taste like, they went right into the freezer.  Morgan won’t care……she doesn’t like zucchini.
Day two and I suggested some quilting.  Miss Poppet never did get her quilt, so I thought maybe a quick quilt as you go would be right up the girl’s alley.  I did the cutting and she did the pinning, sewing and ironing.
4 020
      4 021
This is it.  We hope Poppet (aka Poppy) will like it.  The red was 4 023picked as we love red poppies. 
   The back is a fat quarter I had picked up and completely forgotten about…..4 024
I think I may do some donation quilts like this.  Lay the fabrics right sides together, turn them out and then stitch around the edge.  So much faster than binding.

We took the pillow outside before just before Morgan left to IMG_7989go home.  We tried several places to take this guy’s photo and this was the final decision……in a tree looking down on us. 

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