Thursday, August 22, 2013

Pillowcase of the week.

I decided to get Emily’s pillowcase made so I can give it to her on the 24th when we are all going over to a peach festival.  It was to be an easy one.  Just a case and a band.  W.e.l.l…….I didn’t like the fabrics together that Kristina had chosen.
The band was okay, but the case was – how shall we say – pale?  That isn’t even a good word for it.  When I took it down to the quilt store, Bernice said it looked like something for a “little old lady", and then promptly added “not us of course.”
We searched the store and just as I was about to give up I spied one I thought would be pretty good.
2 001  so it was out with the old and in with the new……2 003
The new fabric has a bit more punch to it and the old fabric for the case is not going to be a backing after all.  I found two fabrics to go with it so I’ll have a set made out of it.
2 002
  I’m not enamoured with this case.  I think it’s the purple. I am not a purple fan, but Karl thought it looked great so I’m hoping Emily thinks the same.  I did see a great darkish blue batik at the store……….if only I could have found a co-ordinate to go with it.  I’m going to check out another store to see how lucky I am. 
2 008

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Humboldt Broncos
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