Thursday, August 1, 2013

Get your sunglasses

cause you are going to need them.
Someone on Facebook at the beginning of the year, asked for your “word” for the year.  I said evolve and I’ve been trying hard to get out of my comfort zone and do different things.
This past week-end, I took some blocks and got going on them.  They’ve been on the design wall long enough.  Ursula wrote to me one day asking what colours to put with black and white.  I think I told her brights……………..purples, reds, turquoises, yellows and my favourite neutral ~~ lime green!  I took my own advice.  (Got those sunglasses handy?)
sunshine 004
I started by adding sashing with a fussy cut piece in the middle.  sunshine 002
I made templates up years ago and use them to make sure I’m centering things well.
This one was getting ragged so I made a new one right after I took the photo.  Cut your cardstock to the unfinished size – in this case 2 1/2”, leave a 1/4” border by cutting open the centre.  You can make them in any size you need.sunshine 003
sunshine 005
I thought I might be able to use up the fabric if I made a “piano key” border, but it didn’t work.  Most of it is now gone, but some remains!
sunshine 008

This is really where I evolved.  I didn’t care how I sewed the piano keys together, I just picked them up and sewed!  I was so proud of myself.  My comfort zone was blown out the window!
I’m happy with how it turned out.  I have no idea what I’m going to do with it, but I’m planning on doing just simple quilting with a black/white variegated thread I think I possess. 

I have a request to blog writers..........
If you haven't posted on your blog in over a year, would you be courteous please and take it down.  I just deleted several blogs from my list as the writer hasn't been near them in awhile.  Another I quit following because -- well, just because.  That's all, nothing more!  My simple little request for the day.

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