Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Northcott has a new

line of fabric for Quilts of Valour.  I really like it
I saw a link to use the pattern, but it's not available on their website.  I would have to pick it up in a store that carries the line of fabric or buy it online for $10.00 for one and $11.00 for the other.  I wasn't happy, so, I set about designing my own and I'm offering it free to all that would like to download it.  It is basically a very simple design and I tested the waters and 3 people liked this one.
Quilt I used only four fabrics (on the front) from the line.  When you put them all together they look fantastic!!!  The cream and the red are softer than the Canadian red and white.
There are two sizes to choose from.  One can be for the picnic table for the picnic table
or you could place the leaves facing all the same way and use it for a wall hanging.

This size measures 45" x 45".
The second one measures 62" x 62" (approx.) and can be used for a sit down upon while you watch the fireworks photo_2115080_resize
or have a picnic in the park.
canada day-270x199 Neither of them will take long to do.  I've done a PDF of both of patterns.
If you don't like square quilts (which you know I do), you could add more rows to make it longer or Canada 3make the borders wider. It's up to you.  There are no instructions for these.Canada 4 Enjoy and to all a very happy Canada Day.  We'll be celebrating on the Island where the Proclamation was signed and duly authorized Proclamation_Canadian_Confederationby all 36 of the Fathers of Confederation.

I neglected to mention in last week's blog that the line that started it all off was thanks to my friend Susan.  We had been gabbing on the phone about the spiral bound books and Susan being Susan and loving lattes, gave me the start up to the blog.  Thanks Susan!
Ah yes, the font.......called Australian Sunrise cause Susan is my "mate" from "down under".

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Humboldt Broncos
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