Thursday, June 20, 2013

Churn Dash

clip_image002The first time I heard the name of this block I thought “butter”. I’ve discovered since then I wasn’t so far off the mark.
According to Quilting in America……………………The Churn Dash is a very old 9-Patch quilt block pattern, originating between 1800 and 1849. Its name is a result of the resemblance of the triangle and rectangle perimeter of the block to a butter churn and the center square to the stick (or “dash”) of the butter churn.image
I also found a site, Jamestown Cooperage, that still make the old wooden butter churns. They have some great photos on their site and this is the one they have posted of the “dasher”.
The original pattern I downloaded from EQ turned out to be a nightmare. I went back in and redid the block and made it an easier one for all of us.
I used 3 fabrics for this block and it worked out beautifully.
A couple of TIPS for you today.  This pattern tells you to cut your fabric 4 7/8" x  4 7/8".  DON'T!  Take it up the extra 1/8" and cut them 5" square.  You can then cut them back after the sewing. 
I do cut some things at 1/8" but not everything.   I definitely go up when it's half square triangles because I got into trouble doing that and you can take away but you can't add on fabric to a block.  If it is 4 1/8", I go all the way to 4 1/2".  It's worth it in the end.
#2 TIP:  When you are working with half square triangles, before you cut them iron a piece of fusible interfacing to the back of the block on the 45* angle.  IMG_6933 When you cut them, you won't have any stretch with the bias.  Stitch the HST's together and you will have perfect blocks.

Guess you would like the PDF, eh?  Okay, here you go......

There is one more post on the blog before I troop off to the Island. After that you can come back here, click on the Blogs I follow tab at the top of the page and read what other writers are up to.
I've added a blog.  Its from the Canadian Quilters Association and written by Jackie.  I've followed it for awhile now but never thought to put it up.
Go back a few posts and you'll see some photos from Quilt Canada that was held in Penticton, BC this year.  Next year.................St. Catharines, Ontario and it will be in a beautiful spot!  I know, I've been to it before.

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