Monday, May 27, 2013

Oh, these are so different

and they aren't quilts!
I was up at Susan's delivering a quilt that I had just machine quilted for her.......more about that later.....when she asked me if I knew anyone who collected stamps.  I don't but I asked to borrow to let you seem them.  These are all from Australia......Jennifer will love this.....and they are beautiful.
stamp 2 001 stamps 1 001
stamp 4 001 stamp 3 001
I have to say the first one is pretty darn cute and the dingo pup....but I wouldn't want to deal with either of them.
The reason for my visit was this..............
oooooooooops, sorry wrong side!  Gorgeous material though isn't it?
This was really hard to photograph.   I took three photos and this was the best one.  Once again a lot of walking foot stitching.  I did free motion around the ladies IMG_6436 and the ribbons and the circles. 
I tried something different in the white blocks along the bottom.  I had made a major mistake in a decision on how to quilt these at first and once that needle plunges through that fabric you have holes which aren't easy to get out.  It doesn't show much in the grey print or the black but that white!!!!  So I put it back inIMG_6435 the machine and started to doodle.  Doodling paid off.  I like this and must put it in the back of my mind for another time.
I have to say I was pretty nervous about doing this one.  It's one thing to quilt for yourself, but for a friend it's another story.

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Humboldt Broncos
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