Thursday, May 30, 2013

For little wee tiny tots

I decided to scour the web for hat patterns for preemies.  I found a great one and it has several designs.

I made the eyelet one up first and couldn't believe how small it was.  It's been an age since I held a tiny baby. 

eyeletThis is one of the dolls that belonged to Kristina and came back to our house for her girls to play with.  Grandpa makes the cradles and we've lost count of how many he has done.  All the girls have one, neighbourhood girls have them, but boy oh boy they are special neighbourhood little girls.

This was number two on the pins.  It is suggested you use four dpn's but I use a circular one until I circular needle knitting get to the cast off at the top.  I prefer those over 4.

these are suppose to be hearts

The third hat ended up with what looks like a star on the top.  A star or a snowflake? I was able to finish it up in an afternoon and then told Karl I have to get more of this yarn!  You never know what you are going to get

Hat #3 all plain knitting

I have another few to do.  I must get the blue ball of yarn out and start with it.  I like to finish one ball of yarn at a time.  I'll post photos of those too.  Just sooooos ya know what I've bin doin'!

Grandpa made the bench too.  Grandpa does a lot of woodworking.

Before tomorrow's posting...............which is about the is one you may want to bookmark.

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Humboldt Broncos
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