Thursday, April 4, 2013

March has moved on

and I did get a project done.  I finished the table runner I started before Christmas and now it will be ready for this year.
I thought I had taken photos but I can’t find them, so we’ll start from where I left off.   I dusted the end table and decided that the table runner that had been sitting there since before Christmas was going to get done, come heck or high water.  I had so little blanket stitch left to do on it, that a few hours of sewing solved that part of the problem.
Now to put a border on.  I had purchased everything for this and why I procrastinated I do not know.  IMG_6019

A few minutes cutting and stitching and that part was done.  Now for the backing.  I did buy the same as the background for the backing, but what a great piece of fabric to be plunked on the back rarely to be seen.  I went to the Christmas box and found this
IMG_6023 - Copy
Of course it wasn’t long enough, so I had to insert a piece……..a piece? or so I thought.  Well, “a piece” wasn’t enough, so I cut again and added another piece.  I ended up with this.  Not centred which was what I wanted.IMG_6023This is getting lengthy.  I think I’ll finish this up tomorrow…………………….but before I do.
I had little store bought pom-poms and they were white……………that really brilliant white.  I wanted them “dulled down” so they wouldn’t be quite so noticeable.
I grabbed the tea pot and put the remaining tea in a spritzer bottle.  I laid the pom-poms on paper towel and gave them a good shot of tea.
I’ll let you know if it worked.  The paper towel got stained!

(It didn’t!)

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Humboldt Broncos
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