Tuesday, April 2, 2013

It’s show and tell

day.  The long arm fairy delivered our quilts to us at stitch and chat and I had my camera with me…..on purpose…..just for you.
The first up were done by Margery.  Fabulous little numbers they are…..
 IMG_5998 and yes the quilting is slightly different
This is Kathy’s.  Beautiful isn’t it.
IMG_6001 IMG_6002
The next few I’m not too sure of.  They could be Karen’s or they could be her daughter’s.  I got a little overwhelmed when they started appearing.
I didn’t take photos of all of the quilting on these four.  Don’t know why.  Senior’s moment I guess.
This is from one of them.  I do recall our fairy long armer as saying “I’m not doing paw prints anymore.”  I think she has had enough of that panto.  Glad I got mine done awhile back.  It really is the cutest pantograph.
This is mine.  It’s a simple nine patch and the snowball block.  It’s for my wee friend Julia for her 2 1/2 year birthday – which has past by the way. 
My friend Tracy who works in a quilt shop called The Paisley Duck in Washington state, featured some of these fabrics on her blog a long time ago.  I asked her to send me a few yards and I would send the money.  She did and I did and here is the outcome.  I really love the focal fabric.  I was also able to get a pillowcase for Julia from the fabrics.  I scored on this one!!!   That is our show and tell for the month of March.  I’m sure all of them are bound and ready for delivery by now……………

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Humboldt Broncos
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