Wednesday, April 3, 2013

I have a new sewing room

well at least a new table.
Before That was what I worked in.  A complete mess, but I could find everything………………it just took awhile.  One table was storage.  I didn’t want my serger on the floor and then there was my light table and there were kits………you know all the “stuff”.
I asked Karl how many more months to gardening and he said “two”.  I said good and asked him to build me a new unit.  Something I’ve wanted for years and years.  The shop I worked in had this wonderful table for cutting with storage underneath and I wanted something similar. 
I told him I wanted a place to store the serger and IMG_5981my batting.  It could go on the same shelf.  Then I wanted a place for my kit boxes…….and my cutters which meant I  needed drawers.  Or so I thought.
The top is an old door we had taken off the laundry room years ago, put legs under and was nothing but a “stuff” collector and storing underneath was a bit of a pain as it had bracing for the legs.
This is it!  My new cutting table.
IMG_5989  I can store my serger and batting on the same large shelf.  My cutting boards are on a narrow shelf and accessible from either side.  The other side holds my cutting table and an empty box.  It will store something eventually.  The next shelves are for kit boxes and then my drawers.
I decided not to put the cutters in the drawers.  My mugs are all lined up………..cutters, pens, markers, pencils……………no coffee cup.  I don’t put my coffee on the cutting table. Its way over on the other side of the room.
My notebook is there and my calculator.  My brand new cutting mat which set me back a few bucks I found out I didn’t have after they re-assessed my income tax from last year!!!!  We won’t get into that story.
This is my new area and I do love it.  Hours and hours I can spend here now, fiddling and fooling.
I can see my flannel wall from the back of the room.  I have a table just for sewing machines and the light from the window is great for sewing.  I have my cutting table which doubles for a place to work on.  My treadmill is also in the room, but not my ironing board.  I keep that in my laundry room.  It makes me walk a bit more.

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Humboldt Broncos
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