Monday, April 1, 2013

I had to finish

because I don’t like quilts lying around the house.
I sandwiched two baby quilts, this one

and then this one…..

I decided to use up the blue flannelette I had on hand as I know at least two stores that carry it so I can replace if needs be.
I used my very favourite neutral thread and stitched both of the them the same way………………..both got diamonds!  Easy machine quilting.
Okay now you can giggle about this neutral thread.  It’s lime green. lime green If someone had told me I would choose this thread for so many quilts I would have said “you’re nuts.”  But I do.  I bought it for Cody’s quilt and whenever I want something “fun” on a quilt I choose it.  The “neutral” is a little joke between Anita and I.  I posted something on Facebook one day and Anita picked up on it and called it my “neutral”.  She is right though.
I did a scrappy binding on the oneIMG_5996 quilt.  I had some of the jelly roll strips left over, so I sewed them together until I had enough and stitched it down.  It looks pretty good.  That jelly roll is now done.  Thank goodness!!!

For the second quilt I really wanted to stitch a line down the side, but was a bit worried as to whether it would still be straight after I squared up the quilt.  I decided to do it afterwards. 
IMG_5994I sewed the binding down and then went back to the quilting machine and using the walking foot as my guide did the stitching and it looks good.
Both quilts are on the stack.  One more to go and I’ll have ten done, so I think I’ll take a trip up the street and deliver them sometime this month.

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Humboldt Broncos
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