Friday, April 12, 2013

Before I was putting

the new quilt on the bed for the summer, I thought I better get a bed runner made.  Sometimes Misty sleeps with us, sometimes she doesn’t.  I don’t want her sleeping on the new quilt, but if she is on the runner, she can roll around and do what she wants because to wash and dry that often is okay.  Not the quilt though. 
I went into EQ and started to design it.  I wanted it to be similar to what the quilt already looked like.  I was going to choose some of the same fabrics to use in it.
I finally decided on blues and browns and to pick up the one fabric I knew for sure was still on the shelf at the local quilt store.
I really like the combinations of these two coloursIMG_6119.  I wasn’t

fussy what went where.  I picked two fabrics up, cut them, sewed them together.  I knew I would run out so I went up to the local sewing store  (Oakville Sewing Centre) and found four more fat quarters.  These four caught my eye and guess what, they are all by a Canadian designer.IMG_6120 I used these two fabrics in between the nine patches off setting the blues and the browns.
I love the print!  If you stand back far enough it looks like  giraffe skin.  I was thinking of making a child’s quilt with a huge giraffe in the centre using this fabric, then I thought a second time and decided no, not doing it, too many projects on the go.
Anyway, the runner is at the stage someone has to quilt it.  The girls at stitch and chat helped me put it together.  My brain had frozen……boy had it frozen.  I couldn’t put the side triangles on that day to save my soul!  Thank you Margery and Karen.  Without you………….well, let’s not get into it.
Here you go, the front and the back.  I found the piece for the back in the supply cupboard.  Still lots more of it.  One day……….
 IMG_6122 (315x420) IMG_6123 (315x420)

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Humboldt Broncos
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