Friday, March 8, 2013

Well, I got that out

of my system!
I bought a new book and I love it.  Its called “cuddle me quick” by Christine Portercuddle me quick and Darra Williamson.   11 quilt designs tucked inside the covers with lots and lots of helpful instructions (which some people should follow.)                                                         

I have always loved the looks of diamond quilts so decided now was the time.  Practice on a baby quilt instead of a queen.
4 1/2" stripsI grabbed my left over fabrics from previous projects and set to work cutting them.  I used the 60* marking on my 6 x 24” ruler.
Notice that I did put masking tapeIMG_5649 on the 60* mark so I wouldn’t mess up the cutting.  I sliced it off on both sides and then trimmed the other sides to make a beautiful diamond.
I had two fabrics in the house that I wanted in this quilt.  I love both of them, but with only bits and bobs left, it was time to use them up.
everyone say ahhhhhhhhhhh
ladybug, ladybug, where have you been? I cut all the pieces the same size and set to work arranging them on “the wall”.  I had this fabulous lay out down in a matter of an hour. (I was going to say minutes, but that would be lying!!)
not bad!
These were all from my stash.  Nary a one was purchased.  It looked good I thought, so I decided to get sewing.  OMGosh, it wasn’t easy.  First of all you have to offset the diamonds so they line up properly. 1/4 inch difference
I did them row by row.  I had three rows done in one day.  I went back to it the next day and the next day.  I finally had everything sewn together, trimmed and ready to add borders when I noticed thereno borders yet! were diamonds in places there shouldn’t have been diamonds.  I was not amused, but decided they were going to stay put as I had had enough lining everything up.  And really, do you honestly think a baby cares if that turquoise fabric is out of place?
Tomorrow how I finished it up and why I did what I did!
Ooooops, that should say Monday not tomorrow.

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