Friday, March 22, 2013

To continue

After we toured Ronald McDonald House we got back in the car and headed over to Ancaster.  There is a quilt shop there, called the Quilt Rack,  and quilters don’t drive within 50 miles of a quilt shop and not go in.
It was only 10 minutes away so what the heck.  And of course, you want to know if I bought anything.  I did.  I really wanted more fat 1/4’s for the new mystery quilt I’m working on so I picked up 3 creams
delicious looking, aren’t they?  and then as they mentioned bibs, I bought 2 fat quarters for bibs.  The cats are so cute and those boy things?  Perfect!
IMG_5791While we were in the quilt shop I mentioned to Karen I’m starting something new.  A quilt shop book to keep records for myself of what the different shops I drop into carry.  6 months from now I’ll have no idea where to go to get great kids’ fabric.  This will solve the problem.
Now this is how I did it.  Fancy paper bought for something else and now it’s mine.
quilt rack 001  It tells me the fabrics they carry, if there are fats, classes, quilt samples and the most important thing of all – the staff.
I finished it off with the date I visited.  That usually triggers my memory a bit better.
We are now awaiting the birth of grandchild #2 for Karen and as soon as “Rufus” (no that is not his name!!!!) appears we are off again.  We think we may do Mary Maxim, Karen hasn’t seen their fabric selection and Waterford is just down the road and around the bend.

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Humboldt Broncos
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