Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Plan your journey before

you begin the trip.  Wise words indeed.
I decided my latest little baby quilt would just get some very simple cross hatching.  Another easy IMG_5579 way to quilt and everyone can do it.  All you need is a walking foot, some masking tape and off you go.  I don’t mark quilts if I don’t have to. Masking tape was actually made for quilters……..did you know that?  Workshops were the last place it was suppose to be used………………….well, in my house anyway.  I go through a lot of it in a year.  I vary the widths of my tape when I buy it.  I go from the narrowest (is that a word?) to the widest in my basket. 
I did the centre of the quilt first. Just sewed continuously until stitching was all done.  IMG_5607 Then I went for a walk ~~ a double block ~~ while I thought about the border.  Sometimes you just have to walk away and think about a design before you put needle to fabric.
I stitched from corner to corner to corner until I IMG_5611 had one side all finished.  I had decided I wanted a “double cross hatch”.  I have no idea what this is called or even if it has a name, but that’s my name for it.  I thought about the journey down the side before I began.  I wanted it continuous.  No stopping and starting.
I went from corner to corner and then using my walking foot for width I did the same thing again. 
The decision I had to make was after going from corner to corner on each block, how was I going to do it a second time and keep within the block and sew into the inner border.  IMG_5625
A few seconds of thinking and drawing it out with my finger on the quilt and I was good to go.  I like the looks of this and think it may be a keeper.  double cross hatching  

Yeah, I’ll definitely be doing this again.

and this one is rolled and ready for delivery!


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Humboldt Broncos
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