Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Ooops, I’ve done it again

Someone who is named Karen sent me a link to a mystery quilt over on Facebook.  I sent the link to everyone I knew and then I said I would do it. 
I am so dumb!
I picked fabric, I unpicked the fabric and then I went down to my local quilt shop and someone said to me after I told them my tail of woe………..”what are you keeping it for.”
IMG_5779 (2)
I didn’t have an answer for that.  I came home, recounted my fat quarters and told Karl I had some cutting to do. 
(Our day had been garbage up until I picked up my rotary cutter.  It’s income tax time and guess who has to pay………he is not amused!!!!)
I cut all my 3 1/2” squares and then I sewed them.  Heck this was fast……………a couple of hours and all is done.   These were my selections for my lights and mediums.IMG_5777This is what I had after I was all done……
I’ve only ever done 1 mystery quilt and I’m hoping I like this one and the other one I’m doing when I’m done.
The clues are on Facebook and unfortunately if you aren’t there, you can’t get them.  Ah-ha, that is a lie.  If you click on the words Prairie Quilt Mercantile......then special events, you can get the PDF's there.  Sorry, I just found that out.
Prairie Quilt Mercantile is trying this out for the first time.  It could be interesting.  Over 800 quilters are taking part.  That’s impressive for a little Canadian online quilt shop. 
I’ll keep you posted on how I do.  I hope I don’t fall behind.  I have a bit on my plate right now.

Well, I now have clue #2 done.  It's not bad, it's not great -- at least I don't think so.  I should have used more lights instead of just three -- at least I think I should have.  Time will tell.

Okay in answer to yesterday's conundrum.........................there are 33 mosaic blocks in the EQ programme.  We will be doing one more in the Scrap Quilt and it's called................are you ready?
Mosaic #5(2).  Original isn't it?

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