Monday, March 11, 2013

Okay, it’s bright and early

Monday morning and you are forgiven if you need to go back and see what I wrote last Friday.  Diamonds are the name, they aren’t my game!!!
I was at the point the top was finished and we needed borders.
trimmed and ready for borders

Look how those little pandas popped right off that fabric!

I auditioned my choices…….using up my stash……which ones to choose…….IMG_5664
these are them.
This quilt was longer than wider so I had to do some thinking.  (Did you see the smoke rising?)
I love baby quilts to be about 36” x 36”.  It was about 21” x 30” so what do you do?
I opted to make the side borders wider and the top and bottom narrower.IMG_5665   Not much difference on the tone on tone cream, but on the green I really changed up the size.  The sides are cut 2 3/4” and the top and bottom (from now on named T & B) 1 1/4”.  I wasn’t going to put the borders on the T & B, but decided I needed to for the flow of the fabrics.
I finished it up with the bluey/turquoisey fabric. 
I did the same thing again.  T & B were cut 2 1/4” and the sides were cut 3 3/4”.  I only had so much fabric left and decided this time it was going to go!  It’s gone.
I have the binding chosen.  I’ll set it aside while I quilt this one up.  It was hard to get a good photo of this, but it’s that dottie one from the centre of the quilt.  Backing……..flannel I think.  I still have loads of it on hand. IMG_5668 I have diamonds out of my system.  I won’t be making another one.  I’ll leave it to those that like to fiddle and fool more than I do!
Oh would you like to know the unfinished size? 
35 1/2” x 37 1/2”
My This and That is done.
I have my thinking cap on as to how this is going to go together. 

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