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Monday, March 18, 2013

Mosaic #5

I have no idea why the number.  Perhaps they have 4 other blocks in the programme.  I chose this one because I liked the looks of it and its a bit of a challenge.  We can evolve a bit. 
Not a lot of writing again as this pretty much is done the same as Friday’s block only more HST’s.  Well, okay, all HST’s.
Two fabrics, so the worst part is the picking out.  You will need 16 ~~ 3 7/8” squares from each one.  Mark the lightest one on the back from corner to corner, place on top of the darker fabric right sides together, stitch on the line, press, press and press, then trim away the excess. 
Watch the placement of the blocks carefully.
Keep the print out sheet handy.  I have started checking every little move I make so I’m not using that reverse stitcher we all know and hate! 
When you are done you will have this gorgeous beauty…….IMG_5823Next month, I’m going to post 3 blocks.  Only one takes a fair bit of time, so it’s time for an extra.  We are also going to try something new.  I like it, hope you will too.
Click here for the PDF on this block.  

Okay, ready for the next clue.

by Maya Angelou

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