Tuesday, March 26, 2013

In the little village of Shakespeare

there is a little house and inside the little house is a quilt store.
Filled from top to bottom with beautiful fabrics, gorgeous blacks and whites
and batiks……look at all those fabulous lights on the top shelf.  I could have used them a few months ago.


Luscious flannelettes you can use for backings on baby quilts or just make one great flannelette quilt.  Charleen found a pattern she has been looking for for quite awhile.  The store she bought the fabric from for the purse never ever did notify her when the pattern came in.  How aggravating is that?
We went upstairs and found quilts, lots and lots of quilts.  They were everywhere, on the walls, on the bed, on quilt racks and
and on quilt ladders.
Yes we did purchaseIMG_5941.  I found this great kid’s fabric and a good co-ordinate to make 2 pillowcases for Ronald McD. house and then I got what I went for.
More civil wars for my BOM quilt. IMG_5942 The prices are fantastic and I can collect 30’s at this store too, although after seeing how to do the bow tie block I may be buying up those blacks and whites.
As we were ready to pull away out of the parking lot we spied two little signs in the windows.

We’re going back at the end of May.  This little shop is part of the Quilt and Fibre Art Festival in Waterloo county.  They will be hosting the “miniature” display. 

I have a faithful reader that is in hospital at the moment.  I'm wishing my friend Elaine a very speedy recovery.

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Humboldt Broncos

Humboldt Broncos
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