Friday, February 22, 2013

The last one for this month......................

and then and again maybe really isn't.
You don’t need a free motion foot to quilt a quilt.  You can use your walking foot and do simple quilting and it will look fabulous.
Yesterday I featured this one:
straight lines staggered over the entire quilt.  It looks really good.
After I had this one up to the point of hand stitching the binding down, I worked on the partner of this quilt.  Bindings are for stitch and chat days.
Once again I did straight quilting.  Absolutely nothing fancy.  There is no reason to stitch in the ditch!  I don’t because one second of looking away and you aren’t in the ditch anymore and for once that is where you wanted to be.  I took my ruler and using it as a guide, I placed the 1/2” marking on the seam.  IMG_5486 Then that wonderful masking tape came out and I ran a piece along the ruler.  I did this on both sides of IMG_5485the seam.


I did this for every seam in the quilt in both directions.  It took longer to lay down the tape than it did to sew the lines of stitching.  I love how it turned it.  It follows the pattern in the quilt and gives it some emphasis……IMG_5487
I spent one afternoon sewing it and I had it all done before supper. IMG_5493IMG_5494

  The  back looks great too.
Now to bind with maybe that goldie coloured fabric.  I think that will look good both from the front and from the back.

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Humboldt Broncos
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