Tuesday, February 12, 2013

I’ve started

Last summer when we went to PEI, I bought a load of Anne of Green Gables fabrics specifically for pillowcases.  I decided the other night when Karl was watching a show on tv that I don’t care for, to go down to the “big” sewing room and get cutting.
I had a few metres of the body fabric, but in the store I couldn’t find anything that worked well for the band.  I took the piece to a local store and there it was just waiting for me. 
I cut the all the bodies.  26” x 41” and then the co-IMG_5325 ordinates…..11” x 41”.  By the time the hour was over I had quite the stack with more cutting to do. 
I do have two done, and putting these through the serger will make the job even faster.  IMG_5327
Margery brought in some cuffs/bands and we found co-ordinates.  Her pile is on the left, mine on the right.

I’ll stack them up when I’m done so you can see them all.  Simple, easy and a cheer me up for the kids at Ronald McDonald house.

Ah-ha, one afternoon yielded 10 pillowcases with 2 more just about finished.  I had to do the band slightly different.  I wonder if I will get some more done today?  Stay tuned.
10 to a pileSomeone just asked me where I found the's here:

I’ve been rather neglectful in letting you know about another BOM.  It’s over on Debbie Mumm’s website
This is my first row.  It is still available until the end of February.  You will notice that it only comes out every 2 months, so this is January/February.  I’m ready for March/April.
I’m thinking I’d like to buy her new book.  She has cute things……….I don’t need another book though, I really don’t.  Maybe I should just keep saying that to myself.

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Humboldt Broncos
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