Tuesday, February 26, 2013

It was suppose to be a lunch tote

but I don’t need one, so I designed a baby quilt  on EQ.
This is what the quilt was going to look like at first
just for baby
and now it doesn’t.  I did do all the cutting exactly as the pattern, and when I got to the end………I changed my mind.
These arenote card 1 my notes for the cutting.  Blocks are cut 5”, sashings 2”, cornerstones, 2 x 2”, border cut 4”.
Here is a little tip for you.  This quilt required a lot of fabric cut the same.  Most quilts do.  I layer my fabric, most of the time 4 layers.  Once I have finished cutting, I stack them.  IMG_5511 If you loose track of the number of pieces you can count the stacks, multiply by 4 and you have ???
I sat at the machine with the blocks and the sashings and strip pieced.  This is fast, it saves thread, it avoids having to trim threads when you are finished.  All bonuses in my book. 

When I was finished, I took the pieces to the ironing board and pressed the seams to the dark side.  Top photo to the pink, the other to the checkered fabric.  This is why…….you can “butt” the seams.  IMG_5537 
I finished up the top, added two borders, looked around and there was still a load of fabric left.  I decided to put on two more borders.  I mitered two of them and then for theIMG_5548 other two I put a cornerstone on.
I tried something new this time with the borders and I like how it turned out. 
My mitres turned out beautifully and I’m planning on doing a tutorial on how I did it.  They are perfect!IMG_5549
    I took pictures as I did it, but a few of them didn’t turn out, so I’ll make another quilt and show you how I accomplished what has always been a pain in the neck for me.

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Humboldt Broncos
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