Monday, February 25, 2013

It was kind of an oh-oh

I decided to dig out my favourite old sewing machine and use it for a bit.  I haven’t used it for awhile and I don’t want it to cease up.  This is the machine that Morgan had been using when she came over.  It will always be my favourite.
IMG_5480I bought it on April 29, 1992 and paid $2816.35!  That is more than I paid for all the machines that have come into my house since then, but boy was it worth it.  This machine will be around longer than the Sapphire – I’m sure of it.
I put the machine up on the table and decided to sew the binding strips together for the baby quilt.  I did one join and then noticed a wee problem….IMG_5475
If you look closely you can see the thread pulls in the fabric.  The needle in the machine was dull and old and how many hours it had done its duty, I do not know.  I changed it immediately and finished up my work.
I finished the baby quilt.  I wanted to try a new quilting design, but before I put needle to fabric, I drew it out on paper.IMG_5481  I didn’t want to remove the stitching if I didn’t like it.  I wasn’t fond of it, but it was a doable design. 
I set my ruler on a 45* angle on the quilt top and laid a piece of masking tape beside the ruler.  I decided to stitch on either side of the tape.  Then after stitching, I took the ruler again and moved it over 3” and put another piece of masking tape.  Sewed down both sides of the tape.  Gee it didn’t look bad.  I kept going.  Then I did in the opposite direction using the same method.  quilton's doings
quilton's doings
I put the binding on and stitched it down at Stitch and Chat.  It’s on the baby quilt pile now.
Remember my gift from Mary Ann.  The little wall hanging with the 1” squares.  Well, I have to tell you something.  As I sat at my machine and worked away, I looked up to take a break and let my eyes focus on something else.  Lo and behold, a pattern on my bulletin board caught my attention.

IMG_5483 I didn’t even remember I had it.  Someone must have photocopied it and given it to me.  
My friend Ursula made this little quilt up too.  She sent me a photo and reminded me of it.  I’m telling you my memory has wandered away.  I knew Ursula made this, I watched her work on it!  Beautiful and all hand quilted.ursula's wall hanging

Okay clue #???? is due this morning.  I have the last one done.
It took me a whole 5 minutes. IMG_5574

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Humboldt Broncos
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