Thursday, February 21, 2013

I had this fabulous little fat

quarter and wanted desperately to make a child’s quilt from it.
It is Paddington Bear………..right up there with Pooh in my opinion. paddington bear
I went into EQ and designed this spiffy little quilt.  All log cabin.  I picked up all the colours from the swatch and it looked pretty darn good.  Then I went to the store and started to look for fabrics.  I had two in my stash.
I looked and looked and Charleen looked and finally all these fabrics were stacked up.  I thought they looked pretty darn good.  I sat and made it up and got this!
Boy was I disappointed.  That bluey/turquoisey colour is a disaster.  Its way too bright and that green…..well it just isn’t working, not with that bluey fabric anyway.
I went out bright and early the next morning and spent an hour at another store and when I got home I made up this….IMG_5442still not great, but its getting there.
The final attempt is this and I must say I am quite a bit happier with it.  IMG_5443
When I wrote the column the big decision was what to back it with.  I have a lot of flannelette so yellow will go on one of them and I’m thinking blue on the other…….maybe green………yeah, I think green.
I like this pattern. I made something similar years ago for a log cabin workshop and it doesn’t take long to make up.   A half a day and you have a baby quilt.

I posted this quilt on my forum and the girls liked it, so I made a PDF.  You can grab it here................

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Humboldt Broncos
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