Wednesday, February 13, 2013

A few years ago

I bought a kit at a quilt show from Quilt Junction.  I loved the colours and promised myself to get it done.
I suffer from a disease called “oh my gosh, there is a new pattern I have to try it” and the recently purchased gets put on the back burner.  Not this year!  I may wander off, but I gave myself challenges and they are front and centre.
This was the pattern:  baby quilts 001 a wonderful quilt that would be perfect for Valentine’s Day.  However, we don’t need anymore VD quilts.  We have enough.
Could I make two quilts from the kit?  Ah-ha another challenge.  I looked at the pattern and saw a definite design I could follow. 
baby quilts 001 - Copy  I followed the directions and it went together beautifully.  It took me two days as I had other things to do.  It was possibly interfered with by housework!!!!
This is number one.  I posted the photo on the forum and a few beggars wouldn’t mind it in their home.  And I mean beggars like this  pleasesmiley
I’m sorry to say this quilt is headed to Healthy Babies, Healthy Children.  The second quilt which I will post next week is going to the same place.
The pattern is still available on line.  It is from Clothworks.  The fabric is no longer around, but you could still make this up with fabrics in your stash.  The possibilities are endless…….think Amish with a black strip, or blues/greens with cream, or………….just let your imagination fly.

I spent yesterday cutting.  I grabbed the bands and IMG_5501bodies from the pillowcase stack and I cut.  Then I just cut bands from smaller pieces of fabric.  Now I have this stack to whip through the serger.  I must say I am having a blast making these pillowcases.  I’m also making new pairs of pillowcases for Karl and I.  They are to go with our new summer quilt. (I nearly said bedspread.  Yikes!!!!)

Wellllllllllllll, I did it!  Our cable is not working properly at the moment (and hasn't been since the 29th of January) which means our main tv isn't working either. We now sit uncomfortably in the computer room so I swung my chair around and checked out books on Chapters website.  Debbie Mumm's new book is on it's way to my house.  

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Humboldt Broncos
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