Friday, January 25, 2013


Over on our new quilting forum we have a new challenge.  It is called “ONE”.  That’s it!  Nothing more.
This is the challenge:
This challenge is for everyone. It is called "ONE". That's it.
The challenge is for you to take ONE stitch, OR make ONE block, OR do ONE sashing, OR finish ONE quilt top, OR sandwich ONE quilt.
List what you do. Doesn't matter what but it has to be ONE!!  Ahhhhhh, the reward. It is ONE step closer to what you have done.
This is the easiest challenge you have ever been offered. I hope I see everyone participate.
I thought I better add. There is no deadline. You can do it now you can do it later. This month, next month, June, July or August. Doesn't matter.
A lot of the girls jumped at it.  I posted my newly finished quilt topIMG_5144 one day and then my new pot holders.potholders    Some days we post something and then there are days we don’t get anything accomplished so we don’t.  It doesn’t matter.  It inspires us to get into our sewing rooms and work away on what we want. I’m working on a cross stitch picture too,cross stitch so I post my newly completed work on it.  Its a “stitch” so it counts.  (I need some thread to continue with it, so there it sits.)

What will we post next?  No ONE ever knows.  Betty posted her newly completed ONE row for her new quilt, which turned into ONE fab-you-lus quilt top
Lynda posted her hand quilted block that took her ONE evening, Mary Ann put ONE tumbler quilt kit together so she is ready to start stitching it.
Fun?  Yes it is and we are accomplishing things and encouraging each other on. 

Every once in awhile I'm going to post ONE thing the ladies have done.  I think you'll love seeing what we do.

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Humboldt Broncos
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