Monday, January 21, 2013


of the fabric variety.
When you make a mistake you have to take advantage of it.  I didn’t read the instructions for the Desert Nine Patch and made way too many strips.  I woke up
  part way through the cutting and set the extra IMG_5084 strips aside. 
I finished up the nine patch and started to place the strips on the flannel board when lo and behold the idea_light_bulb came on.  I took them down off the wall and cut them into 6 1/2” squares.
Well now there was another dilemma.  What was I going to do with so few squares.  Ah-ha!  I had fabric left overIMG_5085 from the oven mitts I made Charleen for her birthday.  I cut 6 1/2” squares from that and put them up on the wall.  It was looking pretty good……………small but good.
What else could I do.  Well I had some blocks left over so they went in the corners.  I had five so couldn’t do much with the borders.  I added them and stood back.
I checked out my fabric supply and there was a load of the soft blue so that was cut 6 1/2” wide x 30” and I added that to the sides.  Oh my it was coming together.
All sewn together.  When I took the photo I didn’t see the pattern in it.  Its pretty good for no planning of any kind.  I have no idea what I’ll do with it.  Its probably off to some children’s agency.  Its only 42” x 42” so I can’t do much with it.
I have the backing picked out.  Leftovers again.  Fabric left over from a queen size quilt (I never liked the fabric, so putting it on the backs of quilts works for me.) and other “stuff”.  I have the quilting design drawn up so at least that is done. Simple, simple quilting.desert nine patch 001 I am just going to follow those lines through the blocks.  I’m even going to do the same thing in the border, but for that I’ll double quilt it.  Follow close to the line, but not on it.
Well, I made up the backing.  Now sheer luck was with me on this.  I made the top section stretching it wider by inserting a piece of left over that matched the lower part.  I startedIMG_5103 off by making the lower part wider with one strip, but it wasn’t enough, so I cut it again, inserted another strip and by golly the two went together like I had planned it.  Some days are diamond………………….
2013 is going to be the year of using up what I have on hand.  If I have to join fabric strips to blocks to make backings then so be it.  I’m on a saving spree, so use up what I’ve got, or do without.
You remind me I said that, okay?

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Humboldt Broncos
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