Monday, January 14, 2013

It’s almost the middle of the month,

so that brings a this and that column today.  A few things left-over from 2012 that time and effort didn’t permit me to talk about.
First up……………..clips!  Wonder clips from Clover.  When the four of us drove over to Waterford , the Quilt Junction had them on a rack and I had seen them in other shops, only to think “I don’t need them.”  Then when I was sewing bindings down I discovered my clips would spring off and be a toy for Misty.  I was getting a bit miffed.  This time I picked them up.  I love them!  I used them on the last quilt I was binding and they stayed where I put them until I took them off.IMG_5076
They are clear on one side of the clip and red on the other.  Don’t know why, doesn’t make much difference for what I used them for, but I bet there is a darn good reason.
My first purchase was a 10 pack card of which I bought two.  Then I thought 20 wasn’t enough so went on line to see the price direct from Clover.  Hmmmmm, a tad expensive for me.  So I waited until a 50% off coupon came in from Michaels and up I trotted.  Got them!  Only one pack left in the store and it now belongs to me.  IMG_5070
I must admit I just opened the wrapping on the product and lo and behold there is a neat little box for storing the clips.  It is only good for the IMG_5075
50 that came with it.  I tried putting the others in and the lid won’t close, so I’ll keep the clips in two different places………..bound to loose them all that way!  They work really well.IMG_5071
how long do you keep your clothing?  I tend to pitch on a regular basis.  I do keep certain pieces but not for any period of time. 
After Christmas, Karl went through his closet and lo and behold an old coat in perfect condition was hanging way in the back.  (He has 3/4 of all the closets in the house.)  IMG_5072 
Karl did not buy this coat when we were in Denmark in 1966…..we have never been back……the family came here…… it means he brought it with him when he landed on our shores in 1958!  The coat is in perfect condition!  Not a button lost, not a thread pulled out, no wear, no tear.  IMG_5073
I think he was thinking of tossing it, but I told him……okay suggested ……. that perhaps he should just leave it for now.  Perhaps one of the kids would like to keep it or those grandson’s that are so proud of their heritage.  Its not taking up any room, so there it is for another few years.  I was going to say 50 but that isn’t going to happen cause we won’t be here then.

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Humboldt Broncos
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