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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

I’m a convert!

See this?

It’s a yo-yo maker.  I bought two of them awhile back to make my life easier.  (They are different sizes, just in case you were wondering why the heck I would buy two of the same size.)
I make yo-yo’s once in awhile for different projects and have always had to run around the house looking and measuring round things to make templates.  Drives me nuts!!!!!!  I never have the right size.  It just never exists within the walls of my home.
Now the old way is okay, but I’ve always had a few problems……the main one being that the fabric would slip around as I was stitching the edge.  NO MORE!!!!! 
The little green thingie IMG_5169 snaps into the ”base” and holds that fabric snug.  Its fantastic!!!!  I made a ton of them sitting listening to the tv one night.

I had all my pieces ofIMG_5178 fabric cut, so I snapped a piece in, trimmed it off, stitched around,  unsnapped the “tool”, pulled the thread tight, and bob’s your uncle, I had a yo-yo done in under 5 minutes.
I need quite a few for this piece but a couple of more nights sitting in the living-room with Karl and I’ll have them all done. 
I can then mount them on the background fabric and stitch them in place on a Wednesday when our stitching group meets.  IMG_5172I should have the first block of this quilt finished by the end of January.  That’s my plan anyway.

I did do something that helped me out a bit with this.  The two pieces have to be snapped together in just the right spots.  There are three markings on each piece and they have to line up…….. IMG_5175Those two that are circled in red are the points you have to align.  If you do them, the rest just settle right in where they belong.  I marked one of them with a black marker and that is where I start to stitch.  I just used a Sharpie marker.  The reason I marked it ……. I kept stitching past where I had started.  Old eyes, folks, just old eyes.

by Maya Angelou

"Sometimes a small thing you do can mean everything in another person's life. When you learn, teach. When you get, give."

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