Tuesday, January 22, 2013

I had more left-overs

in the house.  Not this variety, although they were super good……..IMG_5132These are called Tartelette.  We make them with left over turkey, canned peas and carrots in a white sauce made with chicken seasoning and the water from the cans of veggies.  I baked 12 of them and by the time supper was over 6 were gone.  I had two!  Misty had none.  Who was the piggie I wonder.
This is the other left over I worked on during that particular day.IMG_5133   The pattern is called Lucky Stars and its from Atkinson Designs.  I took a workshop last fall and completed 5 blocks in a few hours.  Then it sat ~~ until now.  Time to get back to it. 
I had some help of course….. IMG_5136
I had borders to sew around all the blocks and this was at the point it was time to pick up and stop for the day.  The Princess just had to check out what was happening in her space.
It took me three days of sewing……stopping and starting, putting decorations away, doing laundry, cooking supper…(ya I cooked)….IMG_5141 - Copy and then it was time to sew the blocks into rows.  I had the first block of every row marked with masking tape, but it was downstairs and I didn’t want to run for it.  There are only 4 blocks to a row, so I pinned 1 and 2 together, and for 3 block I put IMG_5140three pins in the top of the block.  Now I was set to sew 3 to 4  and I wouldn’t twist or turn the blocks the wrong way.
Now it’s done.  I need a backing and I do have some blocks left over.  I could only make 19 from the fabric I had, so 16 on the front and 3 on the back.  You may recognize the fabric.  It’s from Henrietta Whiskers.Henrietta

This is it.  Some fabrics do touch another, but when you have a limited supply and you aren’t buying anymore…….
The backing didn't fall into the Lucky Stars know the either have them or you don't.  I'll leave it at "didn't" and will explain it all later on.  Don't know which day, but its coming!

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Humboldt Broncos
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