Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Gifts? Well

maybe.  I’m thinking maybe a gift for me.  I need some.
I made potholders.  I decided to give some away for Christmas gifts and worked away one evening cutting all the fabric.  I pulled out fat quarters and cut away.
You will need the following to make these. 
FABRICS: 3-- 8” x 8” squares from one fabric
2--8” x 8” squares from a coordinating fabric
fabric requirements
LINING: 1 piece of each of the following…Ironing Board Cover Silver, Insul-bright, and Thermore, cut each piece 8” x 8”
IMG_4742 - Copy
LOOP:1 piece of fabric cut 1 1/4” x 7 1/2” for the loop.
Lay the backing down, right side down, wrong side facing up.  Then the Insul-bright (you can buy this under other names), the Thermore, and then the silver.  Pin the layers together and thenIMG_4743
mark a line diagonally and sew.  Do it both ways.
I sewed from the fabric side, mainly because of the thread I already had in the machine.  Turn your work over so that the silver is now facing you.  The next step is the loop.  Fold the piece of fabric already cut, in half.  Open it up and then fold the raw edges to the fold mark.  Press.  Then fold in half and press again.  Pin to the silver side of the layered pieces.
IMG_4749 IMG_4750
The four pieces that are left, fold in half wrong sides together and press well.
Layer them, starting at the top of the square.  PIN!!
Next, layer the co-ordinate on the left hand side, the bottom and lastly the right side.IMG_4754 IMG_4755
Sew around the perimeter using a walking foot and a 1/4” seam allowance.  Turn right side out and give it a final press.  IMG_4763
To turn right side out, put your hand inside to the corner of one of the folded fabrics and turn it over to the fabric side.  Continue in this manner until all fabrics are turned.  The silver should be on the back.  Yes, I did embellish.  Just a little touch and it holds the fabrics together right in the middle of the pot holder.
DO NOT make pot holders only with batting.  There is no heat resistance to the holder and the heat will penetrate the fabrics and you will feel it on your fingers and hands.  YOU MUST have an insulating batting.  I highly recommend using all three of the materials I used for these pot holders.

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