Monday, December 17, 2012

Christmas is full of

memories and traditions for us.  All good, each and every one.
IMG_4943 These hang on our front hall closet doors every year.  This year I panicked because I couldn’t find them.  IMG_4944
This is up on the first of December.  It is always in the same place……the door into the living-room.  The Advent candle holder goes out the same day.
IMG_4946 The books on the table are old…..the top one was given to Peter in 1975 by his Pa and Grandma.  IMG_4947
Morgan will read them again this year.  The older ones will pick them up and look at them, but don’t catch them doing it. 
IMG_4951 Karl’s Mom made the doilies for us and I use them on the dining table.  She would want them to be used, not put away to keep as mementoes.
These quilts are fairly new but very special.  The white/red one is hung in the back bedroom.  IMG_4942
The bright one is for the dining-room wall.  I made it in memory of my Dad.  Christmas was his favourite time of the year.  If things went on sale he would stand in line-ups to buy them for his family. IMG_4945 One year he bought me an electric train.  It cost him $100 and that was a lot of money in those days.  Peter has inherited it.  An old Lionel.    The Danes don’t hang stockings or at least they didn’t while Karl was growing up.  Heck they were lucky if they could put food on the table during the war.  Peter made thisIMG_4950 and gave it to his Dad.  It was part of his home economics class he took in elementary school.
The village was hand made by 3 of us on plastic canvas and I don’t remember how many years ago but it has to be over 30.  Each of the kids made the houses they wanted to do along with Peter’s General Store and I did the rest.  Karl made the little wooden trees.  It is now on top of the hutch so Misty doesn’t walk over it.
I guess the oldest thing in our housIMG_4949e – besides Karl and I is this……………..
my stocking.
Purchased at a church bazaar (and I think it was St. Agnes Anglican Church) by my aunt in 1945 ~~ the year I was born.  It has been hung in Long Branch, in Montreal, in Lachine, in Clarkson and in Oakville.  It really isn’t Christmas without it.

Hey, Reg, you got the "yights" up yet?


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Humboldt Broncos
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