Monday, December 3, 2012

Another task has been

completed.  I may just be ready for Christmas if I keep the pace going.
The cards are done and I’m really happy with them.  IMG_4693 These were the first ones I did.  Three little parcels tied with ribbons and a short message inside…..Merry Christmas
The next two were an experiment but they turned out fine too.  IMG_4692 We’ll set to work one week-end and get the decorations up.  Karl does the tree and the lights and we both do the decorations.  Its fun to find out where all the pewter ones are and reminisce about others.  We bought some on holiday and talk about the particular trip or store we found it in. 
IMG_4733 I think these should be sent with candy canes, but that would add to the postage and they would probably be smashed when they got to their destination.
Same idea but different card background and strip.  I like this green paper.  Lots of writing on it and you could send it local and addIMG_4735 a few cookies along with it. 
IMG_4736 - Copy
Now to get the envelopes written.  I think I’m going to cheat this year and do them through the computer.  Hmmmmmm, guess that means a trip to Staples to buy some labels as I seem to be all out of them……………………again.
Now onto the baking.  Sugar cookies, sirupskage, (a Danish gingerbread, but its hard not soft), klejner (another Danish delight), fruit cake and dozens of butter tarts.  A little Canadian and a little Danish.  The girls are coming to help me bake this year.  Morgan one Saturday and Taylor for the specialty baking.  She has more patience that Morgan.
I’ll show you what we did when we’ve done it.

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Humboldt Broncos
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