Friday, November 30, 2012

You shouldn’t post things

on Facebook, cause it makes work for ya!!!!
I posted the photo of yesterday’s tea towels and of course, my daughter-in-law saw them.  Not too slow posting a comment either, was she.  Went along the lines ….. I like snowmen too., hint, hint, hint!  I got the hint.
I had 4 tea towels in storage so decided on two of them.  What you do for one daughter you do for the other.  I auditioned the fabrics and decided to go with three of them.  I used flannelette this time for the face.  I traced and cut and fused everything and then I sat at the machine and very quickly did the blanket stitch. I did try the fringe style on these and I like it.  I could have done it better, but it looks okay, so its staying.
Most of my buttons have a shank on the back of them.  I don’t sew them down,IMG_4728 I glue them
so I take a pair of side cutters and cut away the shank.
IMG_4729  Yes, those are my side cutters.  I have a whole set of different “things” that used to be my Dad’s.   Aleene’s glue is my choice.  I pick it up at Michaels.  You’ll notice its the tacky glue.  These IMG_4730towels are for decorative purposes only, and this works extremely well.
I tried two things this time.  I glued one button on top of another and I fringed!!!! IMG_4731
This would be better with a different fabric, but it will be okay for this time.  I liked this fabric and wasn’t going to pick anything else.  Its just one of those that caught your eye in the store and you want to use it for special occasions.  This is special……this is for my girls.
Okay no noses, cause Karl didn’t hear me ask about them.  He was installing a new ceiling fixture and he wasn’t listening to anything but himself grump about how “not well” it was going. IMG_4732
Oh and before I forget, I added something to the top of the hats.  I didn’t like the one button I had put on first.  It wasn’t visible enough, so I glued on another one.   It worked!
IMG_4848 Off on another road trip today.  Going over to Waterford to visit the Quilt Junction.  It’s their Open House week-end.  You know the saying…..”if you are in the neighbourhood, drop in.”  Do that.  They have lots planned for everyone.

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Humboldt Broncos
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