Wednesday, November 7, 2012

This one seemed to take

forever, but its finally done and in time too.
Karl and I often sleep late into the year with the window open.  The cool/cold/freezing air helps us sleep better and we don’t get up in the morning all stuffed up.  As the window is at our feet out toes get cold even with flannel sheets and a flannel quilt on the bed.  (When January rolls around we do put a blanket underneath the quilt.)
I decided to design a bed scarf/runner…… it what you will.  This is one of the seven designs I came up with…….bed scarf 2 - Copy but when I posted the picture on my quilting forum, someone said “look at all those points.”  Back to the drawing board.
After a few attempts I finally decided this was the one. bed scarf final I don’t know why but this took me 2 weeks to finish and I don’t think I’m that slow.  I think because of the length……almost 84” and it was a bit time consuming doing the stars.  I was particular on the pressing.   2012IMG_4364
I wanted that centre seam to be pressed flat.  The rest was just straight sewing.
I had it all finished, all sandwiched and decided to do cross-hatching.  Wellllll, that didn’t work… did but I didn’t like it.  I had to unpick three rows of stitching.  Then I didn’t want to work on it.
I thought how stupid was that and set to work re-sandwiching and decided to just do some meandering over the whole top.  2012I liked it!!!!  I did blue on blue and white on white.  My stitching isn’t that great that I would do the whole thing in one colour.  I think it looks better this way now that it is done too.
It wasn’t easy to quilt.  I don’t have a “roller” for my machine so I have to do that manually.  I opted to do one half and then the other.  It worked out very well.
I had help with the binding…….IMG_1904 
I figure I will find her underneath it on the bed one day.

2012 The backing is a whole bunch of different fabrics as I didn’t have the length that I needed.  I did use up three pieces so that is helping to get that fabric stash down……….2012

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Humboldt Broncos
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