Thursday, November 29, 2012


They are done!  It took two days but I have them finished.  What I thought would take awhile, didn’t take long at all.  Sometimes you just have to get “tuit!” and I did.
I traced and fused the snowmen.  The pattern is from a Nancy Halvorsen, Art to Heart Book.  I’ve made him/her before and loved the way it turned out.
Karl and I went to Michaels and I bought the buttons, but the noses are no longer available, so I bought the wood pieces and Karl cut them out for me.  IMG_4710 The eyes for the snowmen are called mini buttons and they are tiny.  I did notice last night that you have to watch the sizing as some are a bit different.  IMG_4711 If you do not have a craft store like Michaels in your neighbourhood, they are available on line and I’ve ordered on a few occasions directly as I couldn’t find exactly what I had in mind in the store. This is a good company to deal with.
I sat at the machine and did the hat in one go round on all seven and then finished the scarves on all of them.  They were the dickens to do and after I was finished thought of a different way so you wouldn’t have those tails to contend with.  I’ll try it first and then let you know whether it worked or not.  I need a tea towel though….I think I do?
Here they are.  All seven of them.  Finished and in the Christmas giving box in the back room.  Now to make some butter tarts to go along with them.  Maybe some reindeer munch too. 
7 towels all finished!
A friend of mine here in Oakville is having a sale on Saturday.  She will be selling her quilts, pot holders, place mats, etc.
  Plenty of everything and just in time for Christmas.
The sale starts at 9:00 a.m.
The address is:
2143 Arbourview Drive
that's in the north end of town off Upper Middle Road, past the 3rd Line.
Tell her Quilton sent you!

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Humboldt Broncos
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