Friday, November 16, 2012

Last spring I designed three

quilts.  Basically they are all the same, but the centres all varied.
I drew the “bird” and as things weren’t going well with the drawing of the fish and turtle I went to the internet.
Tip #1……when looking for designs for applique or machine quilting, go to Google and type in turtle colouring page.  There you will find all kinds of turtles or whatever you want.  IMG_4024 I try to keep them simple especially for baby quilts.
Our family doctor has just had the fabulous news he is a grandpa for the very first time.  A beautiful little girl.  Although she lives in Haiti, I decided a quilt was in order.  I asked the gals on my quilting forum which one and it was done democratically.  They said turtles so that’s the one that will be on its way.  Mommy and Daddy can lay it on the floor and the little gal can lie on it to play.
I sandwiched the quilt and then did the machine quilting. 
Tip #2……..when doing meandering machine quilting and its a baby quilt, be it for one of yours or to give away, meander and make a little heart somewhere on the quilt.  Shoot sorry this is a bit blurry.  IMG_4609 I also did the turtles in the borders too
Tip #3……..if you want to make the motif smaller downsize it on your computer.  There are programmes already installed on most of them.  I run them off on paper (graph paper usually ) and pin them to the quilt and then stitch through the paper.  Very carefully pull the paper off.  Hold the stitches so they don’t pull.
IMG_4608 I did meandering quilting and then I just did whatever you want to call this.  I have no idea.  I just enjoy doing it

This is it.  All done waiting to be delivered to our doctor when he returns from visiting the latest member of his family.  When I drop it off to the office, the girls have promised me they will have pictures.  IMG_4621 Now to complete the other two.  They are being donated.

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Humboldt Broncos
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