Thursday, November 22, 2012

If my two girls are reading the blog

today……………….stop!!!!!  Go away!!!! You’re not allowed here ‘til Christmas is over.
Okay now they have gone, I can tell you and show you what I bought for Christmas for my older girls.  They collect snowmen.  I started them.  However, they have to be cute.  Not any old snowman will do.  I find them everywhere but the last two years its been in the little card shop I frequent.  That’s where my favourite postal outlet is, so I browse when I have finished sending off my parcels. 
This one is mine.  I saw it one week and went home and thought it over.  When I returned to the store it was still there, so obviously it was meant to be for me. IMG_4687
Our daughter has two big dogs that she loves dearly.  One is a boxer and the other……..I have no idea.  He is a mixed bred.  She walks them every morning and they are allowed on the bed IMG_4696 to sleep with her.  Where her and her husband fit on the bed, I have no idea, but they are her boys and they worship her.    This one is for her.
Our daughter-in-law has a bird feeder on her patio and along with the IMG_4695cats watches them flit to and fro while they grab and go. 
They are made by Birch Hearts, a Pavilion Gift Company and these have been my snowmen of choice for the past couple of years.
I bought Karl a decoration this year too.  As you know he is getting a new chair which is his birthday, Christmas, Valentine’s Day gift………could be Anniversary too.  We’ll see how well he behaves.
I saw this in the floral department at the grocery store last week, so I picked it up andIMG_4686 I’m putting a Merry Christmas sign in it and putting it on his chair for Christmas morning.   I’m also getting him his amaryllis.  That’s an annual gift.  One year we had 14 blooms on the plant.  It was gorgeous.  I'm trying desperately to think of something else, but so far I've had no luck.  When I asked him, he said............"I need some new undershirts."  Really?  really.

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Humboldt Broncos

Humboldt Broncos
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