Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Karl and I are lucky

as we have purchased a few candle holders over the years and his Mom and Dad sent us a beautiful pewter one many years ago.  I have no idea why they never seem to come out to be used, but now with candle mats coming into being, I think its time they came out of the closet.
I wanted one for the month of October and pumpkins came to mind.  I set to work drawing one and then in a couple of hours had it stitched together and on the table in time for supper.
IMG_4253 This particular candle holder we purchased on one of our many trips to Intercourse, Pennsylvania.  There was an old barn on the main street that housed the ~~ are you ready? ~~ the Candle Barn.  They had some fantastic things inside and not too often we walked out the door without purchasing something.
This was pretty easy to do.  2 pieces of orange fabric IMG_4231 and a piece of batting.  1 piece of green and more batting.IMG_4243   That was it.  Doable in an afternoon.  It could be a hostess gift or a mat just for you.  Make one or two.  Its up to you.
I’ve made a PDF for you.
By the way, all the machine stitching was done using my walking foot, nothing fancy with free motion on this one.

I have done a change to the comment section on the blog.  You no longer -- at least you aren't suppose to -- have to do a word verification.  On two occasions lately I wanted to leave comments on other blogs and couldn't read what they wanted me to type.  I know my glasses weren't that clean but it was next to impossible to read what they had.  I figure if I'm going through it, you are too.  I still get to moderate the comments however.  I'm not taking that away because I'm sure there is someone out there with nothing better to do than bother blog writers with inane comments.

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