Friday, October 12, 2012

Finish it Friday

Well the mystery quilt is finally done…….completely done and just in time for me to give it away….not far away…………just away.
Karl will be celebrating his 80th birthday on November 6th, so this is his gift.
IMG_4283 He asked who was getting it and as I now really like it, its staying in this house. 
IMG_4273 I like the redesign I did and I love the machine quilting that Robin decided to use on it.  IMG_4274 I sat last Sunday and sewed the binding on.  While I was doing it I thought about you folks and tried something new all at the same time.  Who says we can’t multi-task?
I have a new way for my labels when placing them on the back of the quilt.  Why?  Because I hate steam burns and I hate pin marks.  This way you eliminate both.
#1.  Sew around the two exposed sides of the label about 1/4” with a regular length stitch.  I sew my label right into the binding edges.  Rarely do I ever place it in the centre of the back.
IMG_4310#2.  Finger press the edge over to the back of the label.  IMG_4312 
#3.  Take it to the ironing board and press it down firmly.  Start at one side and work your way over to the other side, lifting the iron as you move along.
#4.  Pin the label to the back of the quilt, placing your pin as close to the top edge as you are able to.
IMG_4318 #5.  Stitch it in place the same time as you are sewing down your binding.
#6.  When I am finished I take the quilt back to my ironing board and place a piece of hardwood on the board.  IMG_4330 Then I use safety pins to hold it in place.  IMG_4331 #8  Sew in place.  I do mine after I’ve done the binding.  Why after?  I have no idea, its just the way I do it.
IMG_4332  My friend Ursula finished up her baby quilt in time for the arrival of her beautiful new granddaughter.  I really like this pattern.  Great job on it Ursula.
IMG_1492That’s it for Finish it Friday this time.  

How stupid was that?  I gave the designer and I gave where I bought it yesterday, but I didn't give the name of the pattern.  It is called Spirals!  Thanks Kelly for waking me up. 

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