Friday, September 21, 2012

You can make one for you

and one for a friend.  They are that easy.
I mentioned yesterday I saw these on Pinterest but there were no instructions.  I worked away on this and they are so fast to make up.  Here’s (as they say) your step by step guide.
You will need the follow
1 piece of fabric that measures larger than 8 1/2” x 11”
1 piece of fabric for lining, 8 1/2” x 11”
1 sheet of either white freezer paper or
IMG_3989 8 1/2” x 11” shipping label
1.  Download the PDF of the saying from here: and save to your computer.
2.  Lay either your freezer paper or shipping label on the back of the main piece of fabric.  IMG_3990 Make sure that it is well “stuck” in place.  I used my little roller….IMG_3991
and when I was sure it was truly adhered together I trimmed away the excess fabric and all the fine threads.  Before I had this roller I used my rolling pin!
3.  Run the fabric through your printer.  I did a test run to make sure the saying was centred.  IMG_3994
4.  When you are finished take the paper off the back.  I score the paper and then it peels right off.
IMG_3995Once the paper is removed, I gave the fabric a very good pressing with a hot iron on the WRONG side of the fabric.  Just to be sure, lay it on a pressing cloth.  I had no problems with ink running.  (I was actually low on ink in the printer.)
5.  Trim away 1” from the long sides of the fabric, so that your piece now       measures 7 1/2” x 11” .
6.  Lay your lining fabric on the wrong side of the main fabric and pin together along the short side leaving an opening of about 3”.  IMG_4002  
7.  Give the piece a light pressing as the fold line will now be the centre.  Open up the seam and bring it in to meet the centre.
IMG_40038.  Stitch the 2 side seams closed reinforcing the ends.  IMG_40049.  Turn it right side out, give it a good pressing and then fill with poly pellets, bird gravel,  ground walnut shells.  The first is available at craft stores, the last at your pet supply store.
10.  You are done!  IMG_4008 You will notice that I forgot to press mine before I filled it.  It’s okay.  This one I’m keeping.

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