Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The last days of summer are

quickly approaching but you wouldn’t know it by the flowers in the garden.
We did get that beautiful “hedge” of ‘mums planted along one of the pathways from the patio.  I’m pleased to say this was my idea.  The ground had been lying fallow all summer because neither of us could decided what to plant.  Where the idea of chrysanthemums came from I have no idea. 
IMG_3876  I love mums but only in the fall.  They are a harbinger of autumn with its  lovely cool days and beautiful shades of red, yellow, orange and green.  My favourite season of the year.
IMG_3877 The black eyed susans just won’t give up.  They keep blooming and blooming but its time to separate them again.  They always remind me of the wild flowers we used to see growing along the roadsides.
The geraniums have really done well this year.  We have plants in the front and this magnificent hanging basket at the edge of the patio.  This was one tiny little plant given to me 4 years ago and Karl takes cuttings every year and plants them out.  IMG_3878
I’m sure my friend Elaine remembers these.  She was the gal that started my one single plant off.
Cosmos are a favourite of mine.  The first time I saw them was right down the middle of a highway in New Jersey.  We asked someone what they were and we’ve had them ever since.  Thank goodness we took the wrong bridge that day or we would never have seen them.
IMG_3880  The begonias have bloomed all summer and are still spreading. IMG_3882
Karl will be taking cuttings from them soon too.  The basement windows are going to be pretty full this winter, as will the bay window in the dining-room.  We have shamrocks to bring in……3 for sure and I’m looking for good homes for a few more.
IMG_3883  You’ll notice the holly bushes (that makes me want to burst into song....the holly and the ivy, when they are both full grown.....) have their berries.  Hope the birds don’t get them all.  I’d like some for the Christmas decorations.  IMG_3881
The sedums have started to flower.  These will turn brown and then I can bring them in and dry them.  The look really nice in a vase on the hearth during the winter.  Sometimes I purchase some flowers at the store to add to them, most times I don’t.  A long winter is coming ~~ only 4 months of cold temperatures if we are lucky, but the squirrels have big bushy tales and that is not a good sign.

I'm off to have a mammogram today.  Have you had your's this year? 

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Humboldt Broncos
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